21 Day Challenge


The 21 Day Challenge is a simple approach to making healthy decisions. During the challenge we will teach you habits that can easily be worked into time with friends and family- not some crazy life changing plan that leaves your kitchen a mess and living at the gym. You can jump start your journey towards reaching your goals with an amazing support system at your fingertips!

What to expect:

What you will gain:

  • easy to follow plan
  • custom plan for your goals
  • personal development/mind health
  • simple meal ideas
  • amazing support 24/7
  • more energy
  • fewer cravings
  • weight loss
  • gym education
  • healthy habits
  1. Click “Sign Me Up!” below
    After you are signed up, I will send you a more in depth email with the email address you provided, but the challenge will basically run as so:
  2. Send in your starting photos [instructions to come. photos are private]
  3. We will discuss your goals and come up with a more customized plan for you specifically that fits with your lifestyle, but STOP SKIPPING BREAKFAST!! You must post a photo of your breakfast shake to the group every morning. 
  4. Personal development activities will be posted in the group for your mind health.
  5. Work outs and at home work out videos will be sent for those that do not want to go to the gym. Do them and your results will show.
  6. At the end of the 21 days there will be 2 winners! 1 for the most weight PERCENTAGE lost based off their starting weight, and 1 for the most drastic photo transformation [again photos are private until permission from contestant is given].

Cost to enter the challenge is $25


plus other fun prizes.

2 winners: weight loss winner and photo transformation winner.

Upon entering, I will send you instructions on how to submit your photos into the app.

Through out the challenge there will be product givaways, exclusive discount codes, extra side challenges, lots of fun stuff to keep you motivated to reach your goals!

Check Out Our Past Winners Results!

21 day challengers over all weight loss total: 301 pounds GONE FOREVER!!!

Still unsure of what you will be getting with the challenge??


This program is designed for EVERYONE to be successful. You will gain instant access to the BTRUlyfit app which is loaded with both at home and gym workouts- for ALL levels! Workouts are updated weekly and each are complete with videos and instructional guidance. Additional bonus workouts will be provided through out the challenge. The best part: you don’t have to be stuck as a “beginner” if that’s what you select to begin with. You have access to ALL the workouts the entire time. If you feel that the beginner workouts are getting easy, then bump yourself up!


Over the next 21 days [and hopefully thereafter] you will be eating a clean, well balanced diet designed to nourish your body and get lean. Choose from foods listed in the Guidebook to keep your nutrition and grocery shopping simple and precise; or use the recipes throughout to mix it up. 


The only way to lose body fat is to put yourself in a calorie deficit- this is a “duh”. With calorie restriction comes the risk of fatigue, impaired performance, and in some cases loss of muscle tissue. Buffering your diet with precise supplementation delivered at the right times can provide faster results, which… who doesn’t want results? and in this generation… FASTER!? All of yalls hands better be raised.This program gives you a precise breakdown of supplements you will need to reach your goals and go from fluffy to fit.


The guidebooks super simplified approach to eating makes meal design easy! If something is complicated 11/10 chance is it harder to stick to and just causes frustration. Each meal time, simply choose from each list of food categories to create delicious fat burning meals of your own; or choose from the simple recipes we have provided. Remember: simplicity is key in being successful. Don’t over complicate your meals and spend $400 a week on specialty “diet food”. Eating healthy does NOT mean expensive- that my friends is a total myth. 

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